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Letter From Principal

Message from the Principal’s Desk.... 1/7/2021

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!
As we return to school and virtual learning continues as the primary mode of delivery of instruction, I ask for the ongoing support and compassion of all impacted (students, teachers, and families). The pandemic is still impacting our lives; however, we must endure and ensure students receive the best learning opportunities possible at this time. 
As Weddington’s vision states, We must “Empower Confident and Competent Learners”. If we put forth the effort collaboratively and put the students needs as the top priority, together we can!

March 29th - April 9th Bright Star Students

1st Grade

Ms. Mills - Lorenzo Moore

Mrs. Gamble-Hall - Takeia Jamison

Mrs. Stewart - Kanylah Williams


3rd Grade

Mrs. Brown - Caleb Crowley

Mrs. Delperdang - Caleb Crowley

5th Grade

Ms. Johnson - Korey Wilson


Ms. Edwards - Makenzie Mitchell

2nd Grade

Ms. Smith - Khaleb Hudson

Ms. Poe - Khaliyah Pass

Mrs. Carter - Patrice Hall


4th Grade

Ms. Hemphill - Camden Williams

Ms. Wyatt - Aaliyah Howard

Ms. Perry - Tzavier Session


Mrs. Townsend - Kyerston Robinson

Additional Students

Joydan Reed

Employees of the Month

Employee of the Month 2

Kudos to Mrs. Tonya Session and Ms. Ruby McCoy for the leadership in their assigned area, willing spirit and a “can do attitude” with other assigned duties for #TeamWeddington.


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