We're Better Together!!

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May 10 - May 31 

Bright Star Students 

1st Grade

Ms. Mills - Jayden Townson

Mrs. Gamble-Hall - D'nya Collums

Mrs. Stewart - Kameron Collins

3rd Grade

Mrs. Delperdang - Chrisianna Johnson

5th Grade

Ms. Davis - Katrina Nellum

Ms. Johnson - Amareon Andrews


Ms. Edwards - Lusshun Wilson

2nd Grade

Ms. Smith - Jaelyn Ellis

Ms. Poe - Trenton Merrill

Mrs. Carter - Chrislynn Johnson 

4th Grade

Ms. Perry - Ahmad Hicks

Ms. Wyatt - Caitlyn Drape

Ms. Hemphill - Madison Johnson


Mrs. Townsend - Kamryn Wilson

Additional Students

Darrin Wade

Aamari Webb

Zamaya Goods

Cassandria Butts

Kenneth Aaron

Employees of the Month

Eom 1

Ms. Poe is being recognized for her positive, can do attitude as a new teacher as well as for her stellar leadership as the chairperson of the 1st Virtual Spelling Bee.  Ms. Poe has 95% or higher ADA as of the close of the month of April 2021.  She collaborates well with her second grade team members to continuously recognize students immediately for their weekly class attendance, active participation in the learning process and their demonstration of mastery of the standards.  

Employee of the Month 2


Ms. Bonnie Lockridge is a member of Weddington’s Cafeteria Staff that has a passion for cooking.  Ms. Lockridge has exemplified stellar attendance since school closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic. She has remained on the frontline working with her team to ensure meals are prepared for the students in the Weddington community. 

Letter From Principal

Message from the Principal’s Desk.... 1/7/2021

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!
As we return to school and virtual learning continues as the primary mode of delivery of instruction, I ask for the ongoing support and compassion of all impacted (students, teachers, and families). The pandemic is still impacting our lives; however, we must endure and ensure students receive the best learning opportunities possible at this time. 
As Weddington’s vision states, We must “Empower Confident and Competent Learners”. If we put forth the effort collaboratively and put the students needs as the top priority, together we can!


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